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Assessing and Improving Data Protection, DRaaS, & Disaster Recovery Capabilities

For years, the data protection and disaster recovery markets have undergone both evolution and revolution as new products jump onto the scene, while others mature and grow. This rapid pace of innovation has resulted in more end-user choices than ever before. At the same time, companies of all sizes are being attacked with ransomware and we need data protection! Is your current data protection solution up to the challenge?

If you have data protection and disaster recovery challenges - this is the perfect event for you! Don't have time to compare many different solutions? (who does!) On this MegaCast, you'll learn how to assess and improve your data protection, DRaaS, & disaster recovery capabilities, hear from the leading innovators and challengers in the space, see their products in action, and get all your questions answered. Let the MegaCast be your buyer's guide!

What You'll Learn:

  1. Discover the most innovative data protection and disaster recovery solutions and how they can tackle your toughest data protection challenges

  2. Learn how leading companies have increased availability and reliability with new data protection solutions

  3. See modern data protection and disaster recovery solutions in action

  4. Get all your toughest questions answered by our data protection experts!

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