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Rubrik - Blog - How ERGs Can Ease the Transition from New Grad to Working Professional


How ERGs Can Ease the Transition from New Grad to Working Professional

As a recent college graduate, I often find myself comparing life as a student to life as a working professional. In college, there were endless opportunities to connect with other students outside of class—from campus clubs and Greek activities to intramural sports. These opportunities allowed me to master new skills, experiment with different activities, and advance my learning.  Like many universities, Rubrik’s culture also emphasizes the importance of connecting with peers, which is why folks across the globe have started Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Entirely employee-run, ERGs create a collective voice within the company around shared issues that help promote an inclusive, respectful workplace. This environment is especially important for employees new to the workforce who are still trying to learn the ropes of a corporate company.  At Rubrik, we currently have three ERGs: ARC (LGBTQIA+), Adelante! (LatinX), and W@R (Women at Rubrik). Each ERG is organized and led solely by employees—and they’re open to all. Every Rubrik employee is encouraged to join or initiate a new ERG, no matter their passion.  I joined W@R a few months into starting my job. W@R’s mission is to provide a platform committed to fostering diversity, accelerating career growth, and building community within…
Rubrik - Blog - Recovering Fast from Ransomware Attacks: The Magic of an Immutable Backup Architecture


Recovering Fast from Ransomware Attacks: The Magic of an Immutable Backup Architecture

Summary Ransomware has been blasting my news feeds on a daily basis for years. Each article details the story of an organization that can no longer access their business critical data. Where the attackers have crippled their victims by encrypting access to production files and storage devices. According to the Emsisoft Malware Lab, ransomware attacks in 2019 “impacted at least 966 government agencies, educational establishments and healthcare providers” at a potential cost in excess of $7.5 billion. Whilst cyber security teams have invested in a myriad of protection tools, extortionists continue to find new mechanisms to encrypt organizations’ data. Backups are one of the most – if not the most – important defense against ransomware. But if subject to corruption, attackers will use it against you. Advanced ransomware is now targeting backups – modifying or completely wiping them out – eliminating your last line of defense and driving large ransom payouts. Rubrik’s uniquely immutable filesystem natively prevents unauthorized access or deletion of backups, allowing IT teams to quickly restore to the most recent clean state with minimal business disruption. This blog walks you through our one-of-a-kind immutable architecture and robust security controls that harden your data from cyber attacks. The…
Rubrik - Blog - The Importance of Cyber Resiliency During a Global Crisis


The Importance of Cyber Resiliency During a Global Crisis

Cybercriminals have been busy exploiting global crises. Often in the form of phishing emails or other malware, these attacks prey on people’s need for information and have already started targeting large organizations, including hospitals and government agencies. For your organization, this means that hackers can easily attempt to take advantage of your employees who are eager for more news, leaving you vulnerable to ransomware. When combined with the growing sophistication of ransomware, the importance of cyber resiliency is more important now than ever.  Combat Ransomware with Rubrik Backups are often your last line of defense against ransomware and should be a reliable recovery strategy following an attack. In fact, advanced ransomware attacks target backup files—and the probability of a ransom payout increases when your last line of defense is compromised.  Recovery is typically complex and time-consuming for organizations relying on legacy backup solutions; identifying the scope of the attack, locating the most recent clean data, and restoring quickly can be a significant investment for any organization. And with today’s ransomware strains, backups themselves are often encrypted or deleted from an attack.   Customers across industries leverage Rubrik as part of their ransomware remediation strategy to ensure minimal data loss and business…
Rubrik - Blog - Built-in Immutability for Cyber Resiliency

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Built-in Immutability for Cyber Resiliency

Imagine one or more of your systems is unavailable because of some malicious attack, whether a nasty virus, ransomware, or sabotage from a disgruntled employee. No worries, these things happen —  you’ll recover from backup. Except you discover that your backups have been compromised in the same manner. This is usually where the term air gap gets dropped. Someone will say, “you need a truly offline backup — tape! There’s no way ransomware can get into a tape backup!” While that’s true, how long does it take to recover from tape stored in a land somewhere far, far away? If a backup takes so long to restore that there’s major financial or business impact, does it actually exist? Realistically, there are ways to protect your data stored by backup systems even without this gap.  I previously wrote a blog post about immutable infrastructures, but compute infrastructures are not the only way that immutability matters in the data center. Immutable, by definition, means the state is set or inflexible once constructed. In other words, it cannot be changed. The goal is to build a more reliable automated compute infrastructure in order to enable stable continuous delivery. Data is becoming more and more…
Rubrik - Blog - Rubrik FORWARD 2020 Update


Rubrik FORWARD 2020 Update

Over the last several weeks, we have been closely monitoring the developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19). Like many organizations, our priority is for the safety and wellbeing of our customers, partners, employees, and community. In response to customer input and the guidelines set out by the CDC, Rubrik FORWARD, our inaugural user conference set to take place in Chicago on May 11-13th, will be reimagined as a fully digital experience.   We are excited to announce FORWARD Digital Summit – the Cloud Data Management conference of the year. Now a fully virtual event, FORWARD Digital Summit will take place on May 11th and deliver a full program of:  Inspiration: Thought-provoking keynotes by Hasan Minhaj, Bipul Sinha, John W. Thompson, and more. Education: Compelling breakout sessions and product demos led by customers and industry experts that go under the hood of Rubrik, guide you through a journey to multi-cloud, deep dive into Rubrik ecosystem solutions and integrations, and show how to make cyber resiliency and compliance a breeze.  Connection: Community engagement with industry experts and interactive forums that allow you to connect directly with peers and other thought leaders. The opportunity to redefine this event has allowed us to reflect on what…