Today, LinkedIn unveiled the inaugural Top Companies – Startups list, and Rubrik is honored to be featured as #7 on the list. The list of 50 companies is based on the billions of actions taken by the LinkedIn community and looks at three main pillars: employee growth, job seeker interest, and member engagement with the company and its employees.

Rubrik has experienced unparalleled growth in a short amount of time, an achievement that comes with some expected challenges. As the company continues to scale, we are determined to stay true to our core principles to keep this one of the best places to work. Our approach often goes against the grain, allowing us to offer a truly unique company culture. Read on to find out how Rubrik keeps work engaging and rewarding:

Radical Transparency

How many other companies do you know that invite all employees to board meetings? At Rubrik, each board meeting is open to all 600+ employees. All listeners are encouraged to ask questions to our executives and board, and no topics are off the table. Radical transparency has been core to our DNA since day one. Our CEO and co-founder Bipul Sinha recently outlined our groundbreaking approach in this Wall Street Journal article.

Meritocratic Teams

We believe that collaboration and creativity foster success. From the start, Rubrik has taken a meritocratic approach to ensure that the best ideas are heard regardless of a person’s title. In practice, this means that employees are encouraged to challenge their intellect and openly share their ideas.

At Rubrik, meritocratic teams have resulted in high employee engagement, outside-of-the-box thinking, and deeper collaboration. Employees in all positions are able to have direct influence on the product and culture.

Transformative Technologies – Cloud & AI

Rubrik built a platform with the mission to transform the multi-billion dollar data management industry through leading technologies such as cloud-native architecture and machine learning. We’ve discovered that engineers want to build solutions from the ground up to solve cutting-edge problems. Similarly, go-to-market teams enjoy the challenge of bringing new and exciting products to market. At Rubrik, employees across all teams fulfill these goals and are able to contribute to the company’s technological and cultural foundation.

As these values show, Rubrik is dedicated to innovating company culture to build engagement and passion. We are humbled and honored that LinkedIn has recognized our efforts and named us a top startup of 2017.

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