Since day one, customer satisfaction has been at the forefront of our support programs. We’re always developing new ways to engage with our customers to understand their biggest pain points and gain feedback that helps shape our product roadmap. This commitment has led us to become a recognized industry leader in customer service with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.

We’re thrilled to further extend our customer support programs with Rubrik University, a new suite of in-person and online technical trainings designed to expand and validate Rubrik technical knowledge and skills. With Rubrik University, users are empowered to dive deeper into Rubrik products to develop expertise and advance career development.

Rubrik University Learning Products & Services

Rubrik University is designed to fit any schedule and learning style with a growing bundle of products and services. These include:

  • Instructor-Led Rubrik CDM Bootcamp: This 4-day on-site (or virtual) Bootcamp is intended for users who are newer to the product, with a majority of the time spent in hands-on labs wherein participants actually “drive the Ferrari.” This workshop covers the core functionality of Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM), including the bootstrap process, defining and understanding SLAs configuring replication and archive locations, and much more.
  • eLearning for Customers & Partners: Participants can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule with 24/7 access to content. The content, which is developed by our highly-experienced Technical Support Engineers, helps further develop Rubrik CDM skills and prepare for upcoming online certification exams.
  • Free Virtual Instructor-Led Webinars: These bite-sized virtual instructor-led sessions, which are offered worldwide, provide training on “easy resolutions to our Top 15 Support Tickets.” Typically 90 minutes or less, the sessions often include live demos to give a firsthand, step-by-step experience. 

Rubrik Technical Certifications

Now, users have the opportunity to become a Rubrik Certified Systems Administrator (RCSA) with our CDM technical certification. This challenging exam tests the users’ ability to execute CDM capabilities, such as configuration, protection, and archival, to demonstrate their deep knowledge of the Rubrik CDM platform. The certification validates that a user possesses facility with Rubrik CDM fundamentals and enhances their value in the technical workspace.

Qualified CDM users with Rubrik Support credentials will access the exam on Rubrik University Online and find the “Rubrik Certified Systems Administrator Exam” tab on the right side of the landing page.

While not required to attempt the RCSA exam, our four-day intensive bootcamp,  Introduction to Rubrik CDM, is very helpful in preparation for the RCSA exam. The Rubrik Training team has been expertly delivering and polishing this bootcamp for over a year and has received positive reviews worlwide.

We’re excited to enable our customers to dive even deeper into Rubrik and further develop their skill sets with Rubrik University. To get started, sign up for one of our webinars or 4-day “Introduction to Rubrik CDM” bootcamps.