So, you’re all set up with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), because you’re looking for best-in-class solutions for your company’s structured and unstructured data. Smart.

But there’s more to do.

Here are some myths about your Amazon S3 data, the real story behind them.

  1. Myth: Amazon S3 has 99.999999999% durability, so my data won’t be lost. I’m good.
    : Not quite. Amazon’s shared responsibility model means that they’re on the hook for making sure that the infrastructure in which your data lives – hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run AWS Cloud services – is secure. They call this “security of the cloud.” But, while Amazon’s measures give you high durability and availability, this doesn’t mean you’re protected from malicious activity. You’re responsible for making sure that you’ve got the right data protection in place to keep your valuable information safe from the bad guys. You need to take care of “security in the cloud.” (This is where we come in.)

  2. Myth: It’s fine. My Amazon S3 data is mostly nothingburger information anyway.
    : Hmmm, are you sure? According to Rubrik’s Zero Labs Report on The State of Data Security, Rubrik observed “more than 25% of all object stores [in a cloud] contain data covered by regulatory or legal requirements, such as protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).” And that’s just PHI and PII. Bet you also have other sensitive data like financial records, trade secrets, and other important internal information living in Amazon S3. If you’ve got unstructured data (which you do), you’ve got business-critical and sensitive files in there. And they need protection. Period.

  3. Myth: Amazon S3 has versioning and replication. Problem solved.
    : Nope. Versioning and replication primarily protects against accidental deletion and overwrites and are one part of data resiliency, but they aren’t the whole story. They won’t protect you from malicious activity that typically result from compromised accounts…and the bad guys know that. An attacker can just encrypt or delete the copies of data since they all live in the same account. If you really want to keep your valuable information safe, you need real cyber protection. We’re talking air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups that are encrypted both at rest and in flight.

  4. Myth: OK, fine. I’ll use AWS Backup. It has everything I need.
    : If you’re just getting started in the cloud with limited amounts of data and few business critical apps running on AWS, then AWS Backup is probably a good choice for you – it’s  easy to deploy and already integrated with S3. But as you scale in the cloud, you’ll probably want something more comprehensive. For example, you may want to protect data that lives outside of AWS, like Azure, Google, or on-prem. You may want to be able to proactively scan your data for cyber threats to detect ransomware attacks. You may want visibility into where sensitive data lives. You may want to archive your data to colder S3 storage to save on costs. These are all capabilities that AWS Backup does not offer.

You got me. What do I do?

Phew! We’re glad you agree that your Amazon S3 data needs strong protection. Wise decision. Here’s where we can help with a faster, cheaper, better solution.

Amazon S3 Protection from Rubrik

Amazon S3 Protection from Rubrik helps you manage and protect all of your Amazon S3 data, wherever it lives. It’s the single-pane-of-glass solution you’ve been looking for.

Amazon s3
  • Shadow buckets and multiple accounts? Not a problem. Amazon S3 Protection from Rubrik automatically discovers and inventories buckets across all related AWS accounts. 

  • Inconsistent protection that may be leaving some of your critical data vulnerable? We’ve got you covered. Rubrik’s powerful and intelligent Service Level Agreement (SLA) Domain policy-based protection enables you to apply consistent protection for all your Amazon S3 data. Backups are immutable, air-gapped, and have role-based access controls. 

  • Looking for a way to get up and running quickly when your data is compromised and time is of the essence? Amazon S3 Protection from Rubrik enables fast, efficient restoration at both the bucket and object level. Global search and object level restore makes it easy to find and recover exactly what needs to be restored. 

  • Want all of this goodness without breaking the bank? We might have saved the best for last. Amazon S3 Protection from Rubrik helps customers reduce cloud storage costs, lowering your total cost of ownership. Data is compressed when archived, and users have the flexibility to instantly archive data to a variety of destinations, including lower-cost Amazon S3 tiers like Glacier.

Automatic discovery and inventory. Consistent, powerful protection. Speedy recovery. Lower TCO.  All in a single pane of glass.

It might sound too good to be true, but it’s available now.

Want more information? Check out our Amazon S3 Protection resources. Ready to get started? Contact us today.