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CIOs: New Solutions in Recovering from Cyberattacks Faster

About This Webinar

Ransomware is a constant threat, with the volume of attacks increasing 232% since 2019. On a global scale, estimated costs are $20 billion in damages each year, a number that’s forecast to increase to $265 billion by 2031. Security operations teams are now tasked with addressing tough questions about how well the organization can withstand a ransomware attack, particularly in highly regulated industries and companies that have little tolerance for downtime.

What if your organization could better understand which data was affected and when? Watch the webinar to learn how security teams are making faster data-driven decisions and automating recovery.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Why teams need to accelerate threat investigations and ransomware response.

  2. The benefits of combining two powerful data recovery capabilities to enrich investigations and reduce risk of business disruption.

  3. How this integration enhances collaboration across security and IT operations teams to multiply their effectiveness.

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