Read the latest survey from Computing on how European organisations can optimise their ransomware remediation and recovery strategies. Most business processes today are digital. So, when an organisation is hit with ransomware, the damage to productivity, privacy, and reputation can be massive. 57% of organisations agree that both the volume and severity of ransomware attacks are increasing and 32% said the nature of the attacks are making them harder to detect and remediate. It is therefore vital to take a belt and braces approach to securing your organisation. Prevention still matters, but remediation and recovery plans must be underpinned by solutions up to the job of minimising data loss and productivity damage.

  1. 84% IT professionals agreed that ransomware remediation is just as critical as prevention in an effective response strategy.
  2. Speed of data recovery is the biggest concern for respondents when assessing their organisation’s ability to recover from a ransomware attack, and damage assessment second.
  3. 30% of respondents who had experienced a ransomware attack said that it took days to recover.

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