Why DBAs Love Rubrik for Database Protection

Automation, Control, and Self-Service Clones for MS SQL Server and Oracle Databases

Databases are vital to an organization’s management of data. However, high data growth, database engine sprawl, cloud, and shrinking backup windows have made protecting these vital resources a challenge for any DBA. Rubrik eliminates the complexity of database protection by delivering the automated protection, recovery control, near-zero RTOs, and instant self-service clones DBAs need to confidently protect databases at any scale.

Join this 10-minute product demo to see the database protection capabilities DBAs love about Rubrik for MS SQL Server and Oracle databases in action:

  • Discover all of your clusters, hosts, databases, and tablespaces.
  • Eliminate backup tasks and protect new databases as they are created.
  • Provision self-service clones without the need for additional storage.
  • Read and write directly to the Rubrik appliance for instant recovery.

Who Should Attend:

  • Database Administrators
  • System Architects
  • Infrastructure Administrators
  • Backup Administrators

Presenter: Julian Zgoda | Rubrik | Solutions Architect

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