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IT Renovation Day: Analyzing the Next wave of Tools, Products, and Services | Summit

Just like your house, your IT environment requires constant refresh and renewal. With new tools, products, and services hitting the market practically every day, it can be difficult for IT practitioners to stay current on the broad swath of options at their disposal. The goal of the Virtual Summit is to help IT pros and decision makers learn about new solutions to help solve their IT challenges, refresh aging systems, and take the next step. The ActualTech Media Summer 2021 Summit is your perfect opportunity plan your IT renovation for the future!

This one-day event brings together market-leading technology vendors in a uniquely consumable format and provides you with the opportunity to quickly assess each vendor’s potential to help you solve your most vexing technology challenges quickly and efficiently.


  1. Gain insight into the most innovative enterprise technology solutions from our lineup of expert presenters

  2. Be treated to a compelling conversation from thoughtful independent speakers around the challenges facing today’s IT pros and decision makers

  3. Get all your questions answered from representatives from some of today’s most interesting and compelling enterprise IT companies

  4. Find out what your peers are looking for in emerging technology and how they are leveraging these solutions in their company

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