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Developing Your 2022 Cloud Plan

About This MegaCast

Your cloud options, and your own cloud estate, are constantly evolving. The turn of the year is a great opportunity to take stock of your cloud situation.

Are you on the right public cloud platform? Do you have an optimal mix of public cloud services? Is your hybrid cloud environment beginning to show signs of sprawl? Are you putting off a major data migration to a public cloud or between different clouds? Are you getting the performance you expect from your cloud applications? Are you able to manage your environments from as few panes of glass as possible?

Hear from technology leaders with innovative solutions for all of these issues and more in this MegaCast, and get your specific questions answered by the experts. Come away with new ways to maximize the value of your cloud estate in 2022.

While learning, you’ll have a chance to win one of our awesome prizes just in time for the holiday season!

What You'll Learn

  1. Tips, tricks, and solutions for managing a multi-cloud environment

  2. Ways to optimize costs in the public cloud and multi-cloud settings

  3. Key best practices for migrating data into and out of public clouds

  4. Insider tips for getting maximum performance from cloud applications

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