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Developing Your Ransomware Defense Plan with NetApp & Rubrik

Protecting backup data and establishing a recovery plan against Ransomware is the first line of defense against cyber-attacks. As data continues to grow, managing infrastructure for backup, recovery, and compliance can become incredibly complex. Add to that, advanced ransomware is now targeting backup data by encrypting or deleting data altogether, making agencies vulnerable to ransomware demands or cyber-attacks.

 Redesigned to address today’s relentless data growth, compliance, security and ransomware challenges, Rubrik and NetApp have joined forces to create the ultimate in data protection for the future.

 Join Josh Stenhouse, Field CTO for Cyber Resiliency at Rubrik and Jeff Stevenson, Systems Engineer at NetApp, as they discuss the ways Rubrik and NetApp address the challenges of what happens in the event of an attack and how to recover in the case of an intrusion. 

They’ll cover:

→ Rubrik and NetApp for single, Ransomware-proof data fabric

  1. Rubrik’s uniquely immutable, append-only file system natively prevents unauthorized access or deletion of backups, allowing IT teams to quickly restore to the most recent clean state.

  2. NetApp’s no-cost integration of Zero Trust into a DISA APL-approved operating system, and IL-certified GovCloud operations, including JEDI.

  3. Build a foundation for developing a thorough, practical, and well-documented plan of action that you and your team can rely on

→ Ransomware Recovery Best Practices Guide

  1. Step-by-step guide to Ransomware remediation.

  2. Customer use case example.

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