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The Business Need for Modern Data Protection

With an alarming rate of cyber-attacks and data breaches over the past year, organizations are prioritizing their data protection strategies. Being able to protect and access data reliably, means they are securing their business; it means business continuity, preventing financial loses, and upholding brand reputation and consumer confidence. Business and IT leaders understand that data security and protection maps directly to business security and legacy solutions are no longer able to keep up to these growing business needs.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about Rubrik, a modern data protection solution that goes beyond backup. Hear inspiring and transformational data protection customer stories and see a live demo.

David Davis, Partner & vExpert,ActualTech Media

Mike Preston, Technical Marketing Engineer, Rubrik

Kristina Avrionova, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Rubrik

What You'll Learn

  • Learn what implications high availability and disaster recovery have on your backup and recovery solution
  • Explore how a modern data protection solution can help streamline common high availability and disaster recovery use cases
  • See first hand how Rubrik can be leveraged to address typical high availability and disaster recovery scenarios while getting more out of your backup data

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