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Why Modernization Depends on Better Data Management

“Effective data management is the central component of the department’s Digital Modernization Strategy.”

That quote comes from former Defense Department CIO Dana Deasy, but it holds true for every agency, at all levels of government. Legacy systems are giving way to cloud storage and interconnected services, producing both new complexities and new opportunities for data management and analytics. To take full advantage, organizations must ensure their many datasets are scrubbed, standardized, interoperable – and secure at every stage.

During this GCN Webcast, GCN Editor-in-Chief Troy Schneider will explore best practices for building effective data management into both new and existing systems, as well as the obstacles state and local governments frequently encounter in doing so.

Topics to be addressed include:

  1. Designing to maximize data sharing

  2. Establishing data governance parameters

  3. Continuously securing data from attack or misuse

  4. Federal resources and guidance that can be applied at the state and local levels

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