Every enterprise has ambitions to move to the cloud. But even with a strategy in place, organizations that rely on complex legacy solutions struggle to make that journey in a seamless, cost-efficient way. Rubrik was built to ease this journey through a single software solution that can manage and protect your data, regardless of where it lives.

Today, we’re thrilled to further this mission by introducing Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure (RAMA) to simplify data management across on-premises and Azure environments. This special edition of our Cloud Data Management platform provides new users with free Azure and our well-loved CloudOn instantiation capability. RAMA builds off of our rich Microsoft support, including Office 365, Windows, Hyper-V, SQL Server, Azure, and Azure Stack.  

So, why Microsoft and Rubrik? We share a common vision of helping customers accelerate their digital transformation. As Gavriella Schuster said at Microsoft Inspire, “Rubrik can help customers, within 4 clicks, pull all their data and archives into Azure”. Microsoft tapped Rubrik’s shoulder for a joint solution due to our already-strong technical alignment. Rubrik was the first to pioneer the game-changing Live Mount capability for SQL Server, enabling instant recovery and multiple test/dev use cases such as table comparisons and database health checks. We also introduced CloudOn instantiation for “server-less” DR and test/dev in Azure. With our robust portfolio, customers can manage all of their Microsoft apps with Rubrik–data center to Azure.

On top of our technical compatibility, the demand and market opportunities are there. Gartner predicts cloud computing and services will be a $300 billion business by 2021. But unless a data management solution is architected from the ground up for the cloud era, journeying to the cloud is a complex task. For Microsoft, Azure’s part of a multi-trillion dollar global opportunity in enterprise software and services for digital transformation. Rubrik is a perfect tool to help customers protect all their applications–on-prem, at the edge, and in the cloud–while leveraging cloud mobility and automation.

Highlights of RAMA

RAMA is Microsoft customers’ button for data protection and management, complete with immediate app recovery,  automation, and governance capabilities. Azure provides Rubrik customers a powerful set of enterprise cloud capabilities, and storage that is secure, cost effective, durable and available anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the top highlights of RAMA.

  • A fast-track to Azure success: Rubrik helps customers easily on-ramp to Azure, enabling them to automate archival for cost-effective long-term retention. As they advance in their cloud journey, users can quickly spin up applications in Azure for test/dev.
  • Unprecedented management simplicity: Customers leverage Rubrik’s trademark simplicity to manage apps on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. Automate backup, recovery, and archival schedules via one SLA policy engine with just a few clicks.
  • Faster recovery with SQL Live Mount and global search: Customers can recover in minutes with our popular Live Mount solution for SQL Server. Our global predictive search allows them to instantly locate files across their environment, including files, folders, filesets, virtual machine (VM), and database instances.
  • Free Azure and CloudOn: New qualified customers receive free Azure and CloudOn, to easily protect, archive and instantiate their applications with secure, affordable, durable, and globally available Azure storage.

We look forward to hearing our customers’ stories as they journey to the cloud with us! Want to dive deeper? Register for our webinar on how RAMA transforms the journey to the cloud.