Virtualization Really Matters

In today's digital landscape, where data is the lifeblood of any business, securing and protecting hypervisor environments is paramount. Hypervisors, such as OpenShift Virtualization and Proxmox VE, play a critical role in virtualized environments.

The threat landscape constantly evolves, with cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated and data breaches rising. As a result, many have turned to traditional backup and recovery technologies that have been used for disaster recovery and business compliance for decades.  

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are hip to the backup game and routinely target backups. In fact, according to Rubrik Zero Labs, State of Data Security: Measuring Your Data's Risk, attackers tried to affect the backups in 96% of attacks, and because most backup solutions are simply not up to the task, attackers were at least partially successful in 74% of those attempts. 

Virtualized environments are especially vulnerable, with the report finding that ransomware encryption happens 83% of the time within virtualized architecture.

These alarming statistics highlight the need for robust and comprehensive security measures to safeguard critical data and maintain business resilience.

Intent to Extend Support for OpenShift Virtualization and ProxMox VE

Recognizing the significance of securing hypervisor environments, Rubrik is pleased to announce its intent to support OpenShift Virtualization and Proxmox VE in the future. This strategic decision is driven by Rubrik's commitment to staying ahead of the market trends and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Rubrik has always been at the forefront of innovation in data security. By extending support to OpenShift Virtualization and Proxmox VE, Rubrik aims to empower organizations with the tools they need to ensure the integrity and availability of their data.

What makes Rubrik's approach unique is its focus on zero-trust security principles. Rubrik Security Cloud, powered by machine learning and purpose-built with zero trust principles, delivers complete cyber resilience in a single platform across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS environments.


Cyber-Proof VMs Against Ransomware

Rubrik Security Cloud is fortified with various capabilities and services that enable organizations to secure their hypervisor environments effectively. These include:

  1. Zero Trust Data Protection: Rubrik services follow zero trust principles, incorporating air gapping, secure protocols, native immutability, encryption, role-based access controls, and multi-factor authentication. These features uphold data integrity and availability. 

  2. Threat Analytics and Posture Management: With Rubrik's proprietary machine learning-based data threat Engine, organizations can surface anomalous activities and indicators of data breaches. Rubrik's self-describing data, which combines data and metadata, can identify malicious user activities and emergent data threats.

  3. Cyber Recovery: No two ransomware attacks are the same, and neither are recovery options. With Rubrik, you can recover what you need with guided workflows and easily identify clean recovery points to recover to an IRE, clean room, or back to your production environment.

With Rubrik's support for OpenShift Virtualization and Proxmox VE, organizations can leverage a unified platform that delivers seamless protection across their virtualized environments. Organizations can streamline their data management workflows by defining and applying a single SLA policy globally and ensuring consistency across data centers, clouds, and SaaS applications.

Next Steps

Rubrik's intent to support OpenShift Virtualization and Proxmox VE in the future reflects the company's ongoing commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. By extending support to these popular hypervisor environments, Rubrik empowers organizations to proactively secure their data, stay resilient against cyberattacks, and safeguard business continuity.

To learn more about Rubrik's solutions for virtualized environments, visit our Rubrik for Hypervisors Web Page.

Want to get hands-on? Check out our Rubrik for Nutanix AHV or VM Encryption Detection labs. 

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