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Rubrik Go allows you to experience the latest innovation with one subscription license. We take the work out of technology refreshes and cloud migration, so that you can move business forward faster.

What is Rubrik Go?

Delivering the benefits of SaaS on-premises, while accelerating your path to cloud.

Meet your budget requirements with flexible subscription licensing and predictable renewals.
Always stay current on software. Refresh appliances at no additional cost.
Migrate data to the cloud anytime. Native Cloud Protection is included in every Rubrik Go edition.

All-in-One Edition to Meet Your Data Management Needs

Features Description
Rubrik Cloud Data Management Learn More Protect and manage data on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge. Learn More
Global Management Learn More Use Rubrik Polaris GPS for centralized management of your distributed Rubrik environment. Learn More
Cloud Archival Learn More Send application data to the cloud for long-term retention. Access instantly with predictive search. Learn More
Native Cloud Protection Learn More Protect cloud-native apps by running Rubrik as a software instance in the cloud. Learn More 20 Instances

Why Customers Choose Rubrik Go

– Rich Talaber, Chief Technology Officer, Public Consulting Group

Rubrik Go is not just another pricing program; it’s a holistic go-to-market strategy that allows us to future proof our Rubrik investment in the cloud era with just one easy-to-manage subscription. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we can migrate our licenses to the cloud anytime or refresh to Rubrik’s next-generation appliances at no additional cost.

Rubrik - Why Customers Choose Rubrik Go

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