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How to Get a Complete, Accurate, and Up-to-Date View Into Your Data Protection

IT Service Management is core to how organizations deliver IT services and often turn to a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to understand what assets they have, how they are connected, and to keep track of how their configurations change over time. Accurate visibility into mission-critical assets and operations such as data protection is a must. However, keeping your CMDB complete and up-to-date to enable your teams to make the best business and technical decisions they can is easier said than done.

Join Tim Hynes of Rubrik, and Sree Subramaniam, from ServiceNow, as they walk through how the recently announced Rubrik Discovery Pattern for ServiceNow CMDB can automate the discovery and classification of your Rubrik protection and what it can mean for your business.

Key Takeaways

  1. Learn more about the need for Cloud Data Management and modern digital workflows

  2. Learn what Rubrik CDM & ServiceNow CMDB can do for your business

  3. Learn what else you can do with Rubrik and ServiceNow


  1. Tim Hynes, Forward Deployed Software Engineer, Rubrik

  2. Sree Subramaniam, Director of Product Management, ServiceNow

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