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Cybersecurity Strategies for Business Continuity

Ransomware and other forms of cyber attacks can have just as dramatic results for data and systems as any natural disaster. They have no predictable seasonality and they're happening more often. The rise of cybercrimes is an urgent and growing problem. That’s why integrating cybersecurity into your BCDR planning is crucial to maintaining IT reliability for your business in the modern age.

Integrating Zero-Trust Data Security into your business continuity and disaster recovery plan is an essential ingredient in this environment. This is key to: strengthening security protocols; planning for the complexity of the interdependencies of your systems; laying a path to faster recovery in the event of a disaster; and saving your organization the costs of unplanned downtime.

What You'll Learn

  1. Incorporating the Zero Trust framework into BCDR

  2. The “Assume Breach” mentality

  3. The importance of sharing cyber risk and threat insights across teams

Featured Speakers :

John Murphy

Adam Eckerle
Director, Technical Marketing


Karl Rautenstrauch

Natasha Loeffler-Little
Principal Product Manager,

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