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How Secure Backups and Analytics Can Help You Recover From Ransomware in Hours

As ransomware attacks become more frequent and costly, having a solid ransomware remediation plan is a critical component of your security posture. That said, simply securing your production environment is not enough. Bad actors are constantly shifting their attack strategies, often targeting backup data as well. Implementing a strong data security platform is a key component of building a solid security posture, ensuring there are no gaps in your cybersecurity defense.

What You'll Learn

  1. Why legacy backup and recovery products pose a risk to your organization

  2. Best practices for addressing ransomware threats through data security measures

  3. How Rubrik can fill the security void within your organization

  4. The webinar also will feature a complete end-to-end demo of ransomware attack recovery with Rubrik


  • Jaap Brasser, Senior Developer Advocate & Microsoft Azure MVP - Rubrik

Jaap Brasser is a Senior Developer Advocate at Rubrik and a multi-year recipient of Microsoft Azure MVP award. He has a big passion for scripting and automation and whenever he is not writing his next script or module, he spends his time fiddling around with APIs.

  • Mike Preston, Senior Developer Advocate - Rubrik

Mike Preston is a Senior Developer Advocate at Rubrik who enjoys all things coding, writing, and speaking. Prior to Rubrik, he spent 15 years in operations where he strived to automate and orchestrate as much as possible. With formal education focused on development, coupled with his operational experience, he strives to bridge the world between development and operations. He blogs on blog.mwpreston.net as well as various other tech-related news sites. He is the Toronto VMUG Leader, a VMware vExpert, and author of Troubleshooting vSphere Storage. You can find him on Twitter @mwpreston talking all things tech, hockey, and maple syrup!

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