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Bipul Sinha

Rubrik Co-founder & CEO. Former Lightspeed Venture Partner. Founding Investor of Nutanix and Hootsuite.

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Rubrik -  - Rubrik Raises $180 Million at $1.3 Billion – Why it Matters


Rubrik Raises $180 Million at $1.3 Billion – Why it Matters

Rubrik -  - This is Cloud Data Management


This is Cloud Data Management

The cloud is a democracy. In the past, we lived in a restrictive system, one where we were anchored to legacy platforms with a disparate view of our businesses. The cloud represents a new era that liberates enterprises by delivering universal access and automation over their applications. With cloud, enterprises can reduce cost and time-to-market while retaining business agility. The cloud adoption is not a question of “if” but rather “how.” Many enterprises are unable to realize the promise of the cloud because of the limitations within their own infrastructure. They have spent millions and millions on their data centers, and now they want to leverage the pay-as-you-use economics and automation of the cloud while maintaining control and visibility over their data. What they are missing is a killer application that bridges the gap between their owned systems and the cloud. Rubrik is this killer application. As the world’s first Cloud Data Management platform, Rubrik sets data free with an intelligent application providing a real-time, unified management plane over all application data in scalable and efficient manner – regardless of location. Recover, manage, and secure your data. Everywhere. What is Cloud Data Management? Cloud Data Management is a platform that…

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