Located in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Adcubum is the country’s market leader in health and accident insurance, as well as an active player in the property insurance market. The standard software, adcubum SYRIUS, covers the entire value chain of the insurance industry. Insurance companies use adcubum SYRIUS for the rapid implementation of digitization projects, as well as for the replacement of legacy systems. We recently spoke to Patrik Fürer, IT Product Services, about his team’s experience with Rubrik.

What is the role of IT within Adcubum?
We see ourselves as the leader in ‘digital insurance’ and work everyday to help our customers be the best in their industry. As a software development company, IT belongs to the core of our business. It’s our job to provide a secure, agile environment for our developers, which means adopting the right solutions like Rubrik.

What challenges were you previously experiencing with data management?
Prior to Rubrik, we employed a tape-based legacy data management solution, which was complex and labor-intensive. Our previous solution demanded expertise that was limited to one team member who spent a considerable amount of time monitoring tape usage and replacing worn media. Upgrading backup client software was also a major drain on our resources.

Additionally, we did not feel confident when it came to restores. There was always the potential for damaged media to impact our recoveries. We experienced a major problem with one of our VMs, and it took over five hours to recover. These types of issues resulted in us not being able to set well-defined SLAs, RTOs, or RPOs.

Why did you ultimately choose Rubrik as your data management solution?
We read about Rubrik in a case study and our trusted partner, Lake Solutions AG, encouraged us to try it out. The ability to perform instant restores combined with their Google-like search and cloud-readiness made it an easy choice. Now, we can fully implement our retention policies and save space, energy, and personnel resources at the same time.

Tell us about your cloud strategy. How does Rubrik fit into that?
Cloud is top of mind, especially for disaster recovery. We have a single data center and were always concerned with disaster recovery with our legacy solution. With Rubrik, we’re able to archive our data for 30 days by leveraging Lake Solutions’ cloud. This solution gives us more security and stability. We also like that Rubrik can be easily integrated with cloud object storage, giving us flexibility going forward.

What other benefits have you seen with Rubrik?
We’re utilizing Rubrik to protect our 50% virtualized environment, in addition to our virtual Oracle workloads and physical Linux servers. Other benefits include:

  • 90% faster restores: Previously, it could take us five hours to recover a VM. With Rubrik, the same recovery takes 10 minutes. Mounting a VM backup is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds.
  • Significant management time savings: Maintaining our legacy system took a lot of time away from our team. Now backups run automatically, and we never have to upgrade client code. We can spend our time on more strategic projects.
  • Improved reporting with Rubrik Envision: “Our previous solution had an inflexible reporting structure that was difficult to use. With Rubrik Envision, we can pull reports that give us real insight into our data.”
  • Confidence in meeting SLAs: “We didn’t have well-defined SLAs partly due to our worry that our previous solution wouldn’t be able to meet them. With Rubrik, we’re planning on discussing RPO/RTOs with senior management to better align with business requirements.”

Interested in learning more? Read the case study.