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Rubrik -  - How Healthcare Organizations Drive Cyber Resiliency with Rubrik


How Healthcare Organizations Drive Cyber Resiliency with Rubrik

More and more healthcare organizations are driving digital transformation as they look to improve the patient experience, reduce costs, and streamline processes. The downside, however, is that this shift is making healthcare organizations even more lucrative to cyberattackers–especially when combined with the volume of computer-stored patient information and EHR data. Healthcare remains one of the top industries targeted by ransomware and saw a 350% increase in Q4 2019 alone. To learn how you can help protect your organization from ransomware, download our eBook: How Healthcare Organizations Can Develop an Effective Ransomware Remediation Plan. You’ve heard us say it before. Backups are a critical defense against ransomware. However, advanced ransomware is now targeting backups, which only increases the chances of ransom payout as organizations lose their last line of defense. Rubrik was designed to make backups immune to ransomware and accelerate recovery after an attack. Data stored in Rubrik is never available in a Read/Write format, preventing your backups from being compromised or deleted. In the event of an attack, quickly recover to the most recent clean state with just a few clicks–minimizing downtime and data loss. Here are two stories of how healthcare organizations are leveraging Rubrik to up-level their…
Rubrik -  - FORWARD Digital Summit Recap: Our Most Popular Sessions


FORWARD Digital Summit Recap: Our Most Popular Sessions

Rubrik recently launched FORWARD Digital Summit, our first-ever user conference that we hosted through an interactive, fully-digital experience. With over 8,000 global data management professionals attending, FORWARD delivered a variety of intense technical and industry-focused content from our users and leading technologists. I was especially excited to be part of our product announcement demo, which showcased our latest Polaris offerings for O365 OneDrive, Google Cloud, and AWS RDS. You can check out my cameo here. These sessions are now available on-demand to anyone and are split up into four distinct tracks. But there’s a lot of content to sift through–over 25 breakout sessions and keynotes to be exact. So, here’s a rundown of our most popular talks—and a few honorable mentions: An Introduction to Rubrik for Backup Administrators, DBAs and Architects  This 12-minute walkthrough was the most attended session at FORWARD and offers a preview into our product and capabilities for those new to Rubrik. Whether you’re a backup admin or cloud architect, see how Rubrik’s policy-driven approach to data protection can drive automated backup and recovery, seamless migration to the cloud, and massive amounts of time and cost savings.  Expert Seminar on Rubrik APIs I led this session with…
Rubrik -  - Straight from the Users: Customer Sessions at FORWARD Digital Summit


Straight from the Users: Customer Sessions at FORWARD Digital Summit

FORWARD Digital Summit, a fully-virtual experience on May 11, will feature rich sessions from some of today’s boldest thinkers and technologists. We feel lucky to call many of our customers thought leaders and know they provide deep insight into top-of-mind IT trends and challenges. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that four of the sessions at FORWARD Digital Summit will be with our own customers! Attendees of these sessions will have the opportunity to hear directly from our customers and deep dive into a variety of topics–from API-driven automation to data protection in the cloud–across multiple tracks. To help jumpstart your agenda planning for FORWARD Digital Summit, here’s a breakdown of what’s in store: How The Home Depot Manages a Large-Scale Rubrik Deployment The Home Depot, America’s largest home improvement retailer, automated 4,300+ Rubrik Edge appliances to be deployed across 2,200 stores, including the push of the image, registration of the device, and configuration of each appliance, in just 5 weeks with a 98.5% success rate. The key to success? Automation. In this session, hear from BB Laycock (Lead Systems Engineer) and Eric Alba (Sr. Systems Engineer) on how The Home Depot leverages Rubrik’s API-first architecture to accelerate business agility…
Rubrik -  - FORWARD Digital Summit Sessions Now Live: What to Expect


FORWARD Digital Summit Sessions Now Live: What to Expect

FORWARD Digital Summit is weeks away, and we’re thrilled by the enthusiasm our customers, partners, and community have shown about the event! A fully-virtual experience, FORWARD Digital Summit will take place on May 11th and deliver a full program of thought-provoking keynotes, breakout sessions and demos, and opportunities to connect with peers. The event will feature a variety of industry veterans, groundbreaking technologists, leading innovators who will share insights into everything from Rubrik’s vision to entrepreneurship and leadership principles.  To complement these activities, we’re hosting a variety of sessions focused on navigating the changing data protection landscape. Led by internal and external experts, these sessions dive into the most-talked-about IT topics, data management use cases, and the future of multi-cloud. To help you plan your agenda (builder coming soon!), we’ve broken down sessions into four key categories:  Core Platform Organizations interested in Rubrik and customers looking to sharpen their Rubrik knowledge will enjoy these employee- and customer-led sessions that go under the hood of the core platform, dive into best practices, and showcase new use cases. Sessions include: How The Home Depot Manages a Large-Scale Rubrik Deployment: The Home Depot, one of our largest customers, automated Rubrik Edge to be…
Rubrik -  - What Do Users Get Out of Great Backup and Recovery Software?


What Do Users Get Out of Great Backup and Recovery Software?

Regardless of a company’s size or industry, an effective backup and recovery solution is imperative for both protecting critical data and unlocking new value from that backup data. There are a number of considerations when deciding the right backup and recovery solution for your organization. But, as users of Rubrik reveal in reviews on IT Central Station, several consistent themes emerge in describing what users get out great backup and recovery software, including easy setup, massive time and cost savings, fast restores, and minimal downtime. Rubrik is purposefully architected to enable enterprises to achieve benefits like these. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been named the #1 Backup and Recovery Software solution on IT Central Station, as decided by our unbiased users. Here’s a breakdown of what our customers are saying about Rubrik: Saving Time Managing Backups Less time spent managing backups means more time spent working on higher value-add projects. That’s why many customers love Rubrik’s simple, policy-driven approach to data protection. As one user on IT Central Station simply put it, “Everyone who needs fast backup and quick restore should try it.” Raffaello P., a Cloud Solutions Architect at a comms service provider, remarked, “time dedicated…
Rubrik -  - Rubrik Recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions


Rubrik Recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions

At Rubrik, customers are ingrained in our DNA. “That’s why we are honored to be named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in the Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions, marking the second time in a row we’ve been named one!” Enabling our customers to tackle the toughest enterprise data management challenges and unlock new value from their data is what drives us. And as of February 20, 2020, we received a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, based on 492 reviews . We feel this is testament to our relentlessness towards building a product our customers love.  Here are some excerpts directly from our customers that contributed to the distinction: “All teams have welcomed and fully embraced the strategic move to Rubrik and [are] reaping the benefits. Rubrik has modernized the backup arena, making it an exciting sector to be in rather than a chore.” – Solutions Architect in the Finance Industry “Rubrik provides fast, reliable backup/restore functionality and continues to save the day. It just gets better with each version. A game-changing, next-generation enterprise backup solution that just works.” – CIO in the Manufacturing Industry “A backup administrator is only as good as his/her backup solution, and I…
Rubrik -  - Strong Enterprise Demand & Rapid Product Innovation: Our Year in Review


Strong Enterprise Demand & Rapid Product Innovation: Our Year in Review

This month, we’re excited to celebrate the past six years of Rubrik and the tremendous growth we’ve experienced along the way. At Rubrik, we’re committed to building a long-lasting company that relentlessly prioritizes our customers’ needs at all stages of our journey.  Our most recent fiscal year, which ended January 31, 2020, welcomed many new customers across industries who rely on Rubrik to manage, govern, and orchestrate critical data across data centers and cloud. As our customer base crosses 2,500 enterprise and government customers, it’s clear that Rubrik brings much-needed innovation to the market and is solving some of the toughest data protection challenges modern organizations face.  Since day one, we’ve focused on engaging with our customers to understand how we can remove the friction from digital transformation and enable them to maximize value from their backup data. Our ability to execute on this vision has been recognized in the market. Rubrik was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Resiliency Solutions, Q3 2019, a report that evaluated 10 vendors based on 40 criteria. Despite our short time on the market, we achieved the highest possible score in the strategy category, with among the highest scores in the security…
Rubrik -  - Opas AI Team Joining Rubrik to Accelerate Innovations in AI


Opas AI Team Joining Rubrik to Accelerate Innovations in AI

We are excited to announce that Rubrik has acquired Opas AI, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence for root cause analysis in IT. At Rubrik, we’re focused on building solutions that reduce the friction and time required to run and manage modern IT environments. The Opas AI team will help us accelerate these efforts and enable our customers to more quickly and efficiently respond to problems in their IT operations. Rubrik already employs AI in a variety of ways to deliver cutting-edge capabilities that tackle the biggest data management pain points. For example, Polaris Radar, our Ransomware detection and remediation solution, uses AI to sift through large volumes of metadata to detect and pinpoint security vulnerabilities and ransomware attacks.  Opas AI has developed an AI-based Causation Engine that employs an ensemble of statistical and ML models – deep neural nets, random forests, support vector machines – to “understand” and model the behavioral parameters of applications and their underlying infrastructure. This enables the Causation Engine to quickly diagnose a potential or existing fault.  With Opas AI’s technology, we see a near-term opportunity to enhance our product offerings to provide our customers more proactive alerting and shorter problem resolution cycles when…
Rubrik -  - The Right Recipe for a Multi-Cloud Transition

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The Right Recipe for a Multi-Cloud Transition

An inside look at how America’s Test Kitchen navigated their multi-cloud journey The outset of a new year (and a new decade) is prime time for IT teams to reevaluate their environments and scope out new data management strategies. And yet, with talk of digital transformation and cloud journeys saturating the air at tech conferences and consuming Twitter feeds, it’s also prime time for IT leaders to catch a case of the buzzword blues. The amount of information and choices available can be more paralyzing than freeing, leaving IT teams trudging into 2020 without any energy or motivation to enact change and modernize their infrastructure.  But before all the buzzwords have you spinning into an existential crisis, consider taking a page out of Dustin Brandt’s book. Brandt, Director of IT at America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), saw a relocation in ATK’s headquarters as an opportunity to reduce their data center footprint and overhaul their entire IT infrastructure. Despite challenges of re-platforming and re-provisioning infrastructure, ensuring consistent security, and navigating complex network integrations, Brandt also seized this opportunity to transition to a multi-cloud model. Take a look at how Brandt and his team made these changes as painless as possible, and what…