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Rubrik -  - Introducing Rubrik’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program


Introducing Rubrik’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program

At Rubrik, we’re committed to building a culture that empowers employees both in the workplace and beyond. We saw firsthand the benefits of giving back last year at VMworld, where we raised $15,000 for the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. It was clear that this cause had a significant impact on employee morale and the community, and it inspired us to find a way to build philanthropy into our core values. Today, we’re excited to launch Rubrik Beyond Work (RBW), our official Corporate Social Responsibility Program. As part of this program, Rubrik will devote 1% of employee time annually to giving back. The goal is to extend our core business values to communities in need and enact positive, lasting change. Guided by Rubrik’s company values–Relentlessness, Integrity, Velocity, Excellence, and Transparency (RIVET)–we pledge to invest our people, time, and resources in activities that benefit society at large. These are the foundational goals of RBW: Make giving back a priority. Amidst our rapid growth, we are reinforcing a spirit of engagement and empathy into our institutional framework. Do our life’s best work. Rubrik is young, but we move quickly and with purpose. To fully live up to our value of “excellence,” we must…