PALO ALTO, Calif., July 31, 2019 — Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management Company, today announced that KCF Technologies, a technology company that innovates IoT products for the industrial world, has recently deployed Rubrik Datos IO to protect its mission-critical Internet of things (IoT) data. With Rubrik Datos IO, KCF was able to deploy a simple-to-use, fully automated, cloud-based backup and recovery solution for Cassandra databases on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

KCF Technologies design and manufacture wireless IoT sensors for the military and civilian markets, specializing in energy harvesting, wireless sensors, underwater navigation, and smart IoT material devices. The IoT sensors allow industrial businesses to improve performance, reduce machine downtime, and optimize operations through data-driven insights. 

The collected data from the sensors is transmitted to AWS for trend diagnostics, which is used to provide near real-time monitoring and support services to customers. Prior to Rubrik, KCF relied on native Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) Snapshots of the NoSQL database servers hosted on AWS to protect their data, and wanted to find a solution to address their increasing operational costs and management complexity. 

As a cloud-first company, all of KCF’s application and database infrastructure is primarily deployed on AWS. The company needed an intelligent solution that could orchestrate data management across all 30 nodes in their Apache Cassandra database. To meet their needs, KCF Technologies leveraged Rubrik Datos IO to deploy a fully orchestrated cloud-first backup and recovery solution that was purpose-built for NoSQL databases.

“Time series data is very common in sensors and industrial manufacturing. However, it doesn’t fit well into traditional databases, which is why we keep this data on NoSQL,” said Myron Semack, Chief Infrastructure Architect at KCF Technologies. “Protecting our NoSQL data is absolutely imperative as our customers’ sensor data is the most critical piece of our business; it literally is our product. Using Rubrik Datos IO, we now have peace of mind knowing that we can efficiently and effectively protect our NoSQL data, so we can focus our attention on improving the customer experience.”

After deploying Rubrik Datos IO, KCF Technologies has achieved significantly faster restores and protection for its 30-node Apache Cassandra cluster. Additionally, KCF reduced its NoSQL backup storage footprint by 67% with Rubrik Datos IO semantic deduplication which consolidates multiple database replicas into a single backup. By moving away from Amazon EBS Snapshots to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), KCF was able to achieve an additional reduction in cloud storage costs by 54%.

Rubrik Datos IO’s API-based architecture provides KCF with full control to customize the solution to fit with their complex environment. This ensures the sensitive military and industrial data that KCF generates is properly managed and protected.

“Rubrik Datos IO gives customers with NoSQL databases new levels of control and intelligence for their data. It’s built specifically to provide enterprise-grade data protection for NoSQL workloads, such as the IoT sensor data from KCF Technologies,” said Tarun Thakur, General Manager of Rubrik Datos IO. “With Rubrik Datos IO, KCF Technologies no longer needs to worry about if or how their critical NoSQL data is going to be protected, letting them increase their focus on scaling their customer data on KCF IoT platform and customer happiness.”

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