13 million

policies protected

13 solutions

consolidated into one single pane of glass


vs. days to recover from a cyber attack


AmFam Group (AmFam) is a Fortune 500 company based in Madison, Wisconsin. The mutual insurance company specializes in property, casualty, and auto with 13 million policies enforced, ranging from mom-and-pop shops to global Fortune 100 companies. With a mission to inspire, protect, and restore dreams, to AmFam, data security and cyber resiliency is non-negotiable. They strategically selected Rubrik as their data security partner to remain resilient in the midst of cyber threats.

Prior to Rubrik, we had 13 different providers of data backup protection and disaster recovery platforms in our environment. Rubrik provides a single pane of glass and real-time insights into our ransomware resiliency status, security footprint, and data observability, giving AmFam the peace of mind we need to protect our customers' data and keep our business running.

Nate Brooks
Technology Services Manager, AmFam


  1. 13 disparate data protection solutions

  2. Rise in catastrophic events

  3. Rise of cyber threats


  1. Rubrik Security Cloud provides one unified data security platform

  2. Peace of mind protecting policyholder data

  3. Data observability and insight into cyber attacks for quick recovery

  4. Cyber recovery in hours instead of days


A Changing Threat Landscape

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. “The insurance industry itself is heavily attacked – whether it’s policy holder information or COVID-19 frauds, scams are being thrown at us left and right,” explained Nate Brooks, Technology Services Manager, AmFam Group. He continued, “We’re also seeing more catastrophic events than we’ve ever seen before. This means more hurricanes, hail damage, wildfires, and flooding.”

When Hurricane Ivan hit Florida, more than 2.3 million people lost power. This was a one in a thousand year rainfall. “It is increasingly more important to be able to provide our customers their policy information and help them get their lives back on track.” Nate continued, “Our purpose is to protect our customers in their darkest moments.” Ensuring AmFam’s cyber resiliency and data security is critical to their policyholders' livelihoods and well-being.

The business impact in the event of a ransomware attack for AmFam would be detrimental. Nate remarked, “The loss and inability to retrieve our customer's data would result in a major brand impact and loss of confidence and trust from our customers.”



Removing The Guesswork In Cyber Resiliency & Recovery

“Cyber recovery with Rubrik is simple." Nate continued, “We can go back in time using Rubrik’s Anomaly Detection to determine when the attack happened, and recover clean snapshots from that exact point in time. Not to mention, Threat Hunting for AmFam has been a game changer. It allows our security teams to look for specific malware or zero-day vulnerabilities across our entire ecosystem.” 

AmFam’s testing of a simulated ransomware attack proved detrimental if recovery is not available, costing weeks of downtime and millions to pay the ransom. Nate stated, “The board and our security organizations view Rubrik as a key component in our ability to detect and protect against cyber attacks.”

Policy holders put their trust in AmFam to protect their lives and dreams. AmFam reciprocates this trust by ensuring their data is secure, without question. “Rubrik takes away the guesswork in our data resiliency so we can be prepared to handle the catastrophic events on the horizon,” Nate concluded.