Data Security Decoded

a series from Rubrik Zero Labs

Data Security Decoded is a series hosted by Head of Rubrik Zero Labs Steve Stone where he sits down with IT and Security luminaries to discuss key findings from Rubrik Zero Labs research and expands on the implications and lessons for IT and security teams.

Driving Strategic Excellence in Cybersecurity: Insights from Sue Bergamo, CISO and CIO at BTE Partners

In this episode, your host, Steve Stone, is joined by Sue Bergamo, CISO and CIO at BTE Partners. Join us as we delve into the world of senior leadership in global cybersecurity. Sue shares her journey from system administrator to the C-Suite while emphasizing the need for strategic excellence in defending against cyber threats on a global scale.


The Impact of Ransomware on Hospitals and Patient Care with Hannah Neprash, PhD of the University of Minnesota, School of Public Health

NEWS: Cyber Security Decoded is now Data Security Decoded! In this episode of the podcast, our host and Head of Rubrik Zero Labs, Steve Stone, is joined by Dr. Hannah Neprash, a health economist whose research focuses on the delivery and financing of healthcare. Steve and Dr. Neprash discuss the findings in Rubrik Zero Labs' new report, “The State of Data Security: Measuring Your Data’s Risk,” and focus on the aspects of the report, specifically calling out the cyber threats and vulnerabilities facing healthcare organizations.


Communicating Cyber Risk to Executives and Boards with Shamane Tan

In this episode of Cyber Security Decoded from Rubrik Zero Labs, host Steve Stone is joined by Chief Growth Officer at Sekuro and Best-Selling Author Shamane Tan to discuss differences in the cybersecurity landscape between the US and APAC, communication strategies for CISOs, building trust for better cybersecurity outcomes, improving organizational resilience, and diversity in the cybersecurity field.


How Generative AI Will Accelerate Cybersecurity with Sherrod DeGrippo

In this episode of Cyber Security Decoded, host Steve Stone, Head of Rubrik Zero Labs, is joined by Sherrod DeGrippo, Director of Threat Intelligence Strategy at Microsoft to discuss the cyber threat landscape. In this episode, you'll hear insights on how AI will act as a catalyst and accelerate everything security and IT teams are doing, the (debatable) value of Threat Models, if threat intelligence teams will realistically be able to join forces to fight the true adversaries, and more.


The Evolving Role of the CISO and the Language of Resilience with Marene Allison

In this episode of Cyber Security Decoded, Steve Stone, Head of Rubrik Zero Labs, is joined by a former CISO at Johnson & Johnson to discuss the ever-evolving role of the CISO. They discuss what she has learned from the biggest threat intrusions in her career, how the role of the CISO is evolving to adapt to new cyber threats, and what we can tactically do to empower more professionals from different backgrounds to pursue a career in cybersecurity.


Manipulating Science for the Greater Good with Kavitha Mariappan

In this episode of Cyber Security Decoded, Head of Rubrik Zero Labs Steve Stone is joined by Zscaler’s EVP of Customer Experience & Transformation, Kavitha Mariappan! Learn more about our findings in the State of Data Security report and more.


The Hard Truths of Data Security with Wendi Whitmore

Steve Stone is joined by Wendi Whitmore to discuss the latest report from Rubrik Zero Labs, outlining the hard truths of data security.


Is your data defensible?

Explore Rubrik Zero Labs’ “State of Data Security: The Journey to Secure an Uncertain Future” report and gain insights from over 1,600 security and IT leaders on the complexity of cyber risks and the challenge to secure data across an organization’s expanding surface area.

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Leading A Cybersecurity Organization Through Periods of Burnout with Sandra Joyce

Tune in to hear from the Head of Rubrik Zero Labs Steve Stone as he sits down with Sandra to discuss the State of Data Security and share valuable insights on the hard truths of data security.


Making Cyber Resilience Accessible to Every Organization with Suzette Kent

In this episode, Steve sat down with Suzette Kent, to discuss the private and public sector partnerships, the "cyber poverty line," and more.


Dissecting The Human Impact of Cybercrime with Wendi Whitmore

In this episode, Steve and Wendi discuss the cybersecurity landscape, the rise in threats from foreign actors, and more.