Achieve Zero Trust Data Security with Rubrik and Microsoft

Recover from cyber attacks & avoid paying the ransom.

Meet with our teams to discuss how best to prepare for ransomware

Together, Rubrik and Microsoft deliver Zero Trust Data Security™ to protect mission-critical applications, manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and defend against escalating ransomware threats.

What is Zero Trust Data Security?
With Zero Trust Data Security no one is trustworthy. No user. No application. No device. To meet this new standard, data must be natively immutable so that it cannot be modified, encrypted, or deleted by ransomware. Data needs to be ready at all times so you can recover what you need, and avoid paying a ransom.

What is Rubrik Cloud Vault?
Dramatically reduce the risk of backup data breach, loss, or theft. Build a cyber-resilient business by storing immutable copies of your data in a Rubrik-hosted cloud environment that is logically air-gapped from your core IT workloads.

  • Isolated off-site cloud archival of your data.
  • Fully-managed service to reduce data risk & operational complexity.
  • Predictable cost that includes all charges to stay within budget.

Qualify for free Rubrik Cloud Vault, now eligible by our Ransomware Recovery Warranty. For a limited time qualified customers will receive 10TB of free storage in Rubrik Cloud Vault for purchasing Rubrik Go and 5TB of free storage for purchasing Rubrik Complete.

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