Helping Customers with Their Cloud Journey

Rubrik - Helping Customers with Their Cloud Journey - Helping Customers with Their Cloud Journey

There was a time not so long ago when adopting the public cloud was considered too big of risk for the enterprise. Today, enterprises are seeing public cloud vendors as strategic partners and exploring new ways to leverage the innovation, agility, and scale of providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. However, enterprise use cases for the public cloud are not restricted to cloud-native workloads, as originally articulated by AWS and others, but also include more traditional and monolithic applications.

As Tim Carr discussed in his recent Gestalt IT blog post, enterprise customers are embracing the public could but typically in a phased approach.

Source: Can a Backup Appliance Really Help your Enterprise Cloud Strategy? – Part 2

These cloud journey phases often look like this:

  • Phase 1: Leverage basic public cloud services that require minimal changes to current workloads or processes.
  • Phase 2: Build out an infrastructure using public cloud resources for new workloads or for migrating existing on-premises workloads.
  • Phase 3: Refactor applications to take advantage of public cloud scale and innovations, including more advanced public cloud services.

Rubrik has built solutions into its Cloud Data Management platform focused on the needs of our customers as they journey through these phases.

A common use case for phase 1, which Carr highlights, is archiving backup data to public cloud storage instead of to physical tape media. As Tim points out, this is not only a low-risk entry point into the public cloud, but it also addresses perennial issues with tape storage cost, retrieval time lag, and physical media failures.

Rubrik addressed this particular use case early on with the CloudOut capability, which supports archiving backup data for on-premises workloads natively to AWS S3 and Azure Blob Storage. CloudOut enables Rubrik customers to replace their tape infrastructure with massively-scalable and cost-efficient public cloud object stores. But more than just providing a target for customers to pump and dump their backup data, Rubrik has innovated to help customers optimize their usage of public cloud storage resources.

One example, which has tangible financial impact for our customers, is our approach to optimizing the transfer of data in and out of the public cloud. The biggest factors impacting the cost of S3 and Azure Blob Storage is the amount of data you store and the bandwidth incurred to restore that data from the cloud to your on-premises environment. Rubrik addresses the storage cost issue by deduplicating and compressing the backup data prior to it landing in S3 or Blob Storage, reducing the amount of storage space required. To optimize for data egress transfer costs, Rubrik is able to restore data on-premises while retrieving only the blocks that the requested data are mapped to instead of an entire disk image.

CloudOut was one of the first steps Rubrik took to build out its Cloud Data Management platform. As customers continue their cloud journey, we want to ensure that Rubrik is providing the tools to simplify it. This includes capabilities like CloudOn to enable migrations and business continuity in the cloud.

CloudOn enables users to instantiate their on-premises workloads in the cloud on-demand in case of a disaster, for test/dev, or as part of a cloud migration. CloudOn leverages the data that has been archived to the cloud using CloudOut and automates the process of converting your on-premises virtual machines into cloud instances running your applications in the cloud.

As customers become more sophisticated in their use of public cloud resources and build out net-new cloud-native applications or refactor their existing applications to run in the cloud, Rubrik can protect the data that is created by these applications. Cloud Cluster is a virtual Rubrik cloud data management system, instantiated using native public cloud resources that can be used to protect cloud-native workloads running in AWS or Azure. By extending Rubrik into the public cloud, we can provide customers with a common solution for protecting and managing both their on-premises and cloud data.

Rubrik is committed to helping customers in their cloud journey and to developing more tools and capabilities that allows them to fully leverage the innovations of major public cloud platforms.

Want to learn more? Watch this video on Rubrik software in the cloud.