Native Backup and Recovery for AWS

Protect your AWS cloud with consumer-grade simplicity. Eliminate time-consuming manual scripting that doesn’t scale with policy automation. Customize snapshot retention and scheduling based on your business needs. Quickly search and recover EBS snapshots or even a single file with just a few clicks.

 - Native Backup and Recovery for AWS

Automate AWS Backup. Recover Down to a File Easily.

Eliminate error-prone and manual scripting. Automate snapshot lifecycle management in AWS with one SLA policy engine. Rubrik leverages a native REST API integration with AWS EC2. Copy snapshots to additional AWS Regions and Availability Zones for disaster recovery. Leverage the same simple user experience across your on-prem and cloud environments.

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    Rapid Recovery

    No more manual scripting. Locate a single file with predictive search. Recover an EC2 instance or file with just a few clicks.

  • Policy-based Intelligence Image

    Policy-based Intelligence

    Say good-bye to manual job scheduling. Use a single SLA policy engine to automatically create and expire EBS snapshots.

  • Manage with One Interface Image

    Manage with One Interface

    Same easy interface to manage on-prem and cloud applications. Protect multiple AWS accounts from one Rubrik cluster.

How it Works

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    Auto-discover your AWS EC2 instances. Specify AWS accounts and regions to manage.
  • 2
    Use incremental forever backups to drive capacity and network savings.
  • 3
    Automate scheduling and retention for EBS snapshots via one SLA policy engine.
  • 4
    Rubrik automatically spins up a single lightweight Rubrik node in the cloud to index EBS snapshots and relevant metadata in AWS S3. Once complete, the Rubrik node is automatically powered down, saving on both bandwidth and egress costs.
  • 5
    Rubrik auto-creates an AMI for each snapshot with associated permissions and billing information.
  • 6
    Use Rubrik on-prem or in the cloud to automatically backup and recover cloud-native EC2 instances.
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Use Cases

Use one policy engine to automate snapshot lifecycle management, from creation to expiration.
Automated Data Protection
Eliminate manual scripting. Quickly find and recover snapshots or files with predictive search.
Fast File-level Recovery
Instantiate a replica of any EC2 instance in another Availability Zone or Region with just a few clicks.
Cross-region and Cross-zone Recovery
Manage data across on-premises, edge, and cloud environments with one software platform.
Unified Data Management

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