24/7 Availability for Your SAP HANA Databases

Mobilize your data to the cloud with data management purpose-built for SAP HANA. Integrate Rubrik seamlessly into your existing workflows and tools of choice, including SAP HANA Cockpit and Studio. Leverage Rubrik's app-aware data reduction, policy-driven management, and immutability to defend against Ransomware.

 - 24/7 Availability for Your SAP HANA Databases

Manage Database Workflows Your Way

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    Native Integrations

    Keep existing workflows and leverage Rubrik’s integration with SAP HANA Cockpit or Studio to easily manage backup and recovery.

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    Recover from any point-in-time snapshot by applying transaction logs to restore back to the desired state. Rubrik leverages incremental backups for faster recoveries.

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    Policy-Driven SLAs

    Mobilize your data to your cloud provider of choice for cost-effective long-term retention. Automate replication and cloud archival via Rubrik’s SLA policy engine.

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    Built for Scale

    For large-scale environments, Rubrik supports multi-host architecture and multi-tenant database container configuration.

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    Data Immutability

    Defend against security attacks, such as Ransomware, with immutable snapshots native to the platform.

How It Works

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    Easily create managed volumes per database via an automated script.
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    Rubrik delivers intelligent, app-aware data reduction and immutable snapshots via Elastic App Service.
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    Leverage your native SAP tools to schedule backups. Assign SLAs to manage volumes via Rubrik's SLA policy engine to automate replication and archival.
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    Recover or export quickly from any point-in-time snapshot through SAP HANA Studio or Cockpit.
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    Unlock cloud for long-term retention with policy-driven archival to your cloud provider of choice.
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24/7 Availability for SAP HANA

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